[:en]Cypriot Cultural Evening[:]

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[:en]Assaggiamo alcune delicatezza cipriote prima della fine On Monday 30 of September after our weekly meeting the staff and the volunteers of our association had the opportunity to taste some typical products and delicacies from Cyprus. The Cyprus Cultural Evening was a spontaneous initiative that I took after my short trip to Cyprus. I brought some typical products and delicacies from Cyprus and prepared a small table for my colleagues and volunteers of our association. The table included: Χαλούμι – hallumi: local salty cheese Ελιωτή…

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[:en]Puliamo il Mondo – Caiazzo Version[:]

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[:en]Let’s clean up the world, let’s clean up our Caiazzo On Saturday 28th of September the initiative ‘‘Puliamo il mondo’’ took place at Caiazzo with the participation of students, volunteers and local people of the city. The volunteers of our association had the opportunity to participate in the event. Students, volunteers, citizens and associations gathered all together at one of the main squares of Caiazzo, Piazza Porta Vetere for the same goal: to reduce the abandoned waste and become promoters of sustainable behavior. The initiative…

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[:en]On Wednesday 11 September, we took part in the final ceremony of the competition “I Piatti Tipici del Medio Volturno“, at Palazzo Mazziotti. The event was a prestigious competition organized by our hosting organization Pro Loco Caiazzo “Nino Marcuccio“. “I Piatti Tipici del Medio Volturno” competition last one year and involves a large group of people and participants who have contributed to a research and identification of the typical dishes of the Medio Volturno territory. It involved also entities who are based on an economic…

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[:en]TERRA BRUCCIATA – the documentary[:]

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[:en]a documentary for a massacre took place the morning of 1 November 1943, in Conca della Campania, a small village in the province of Caserta. On Wednesday 04 of September the documentary “Terra Brucciata” of Luca Gianfrancesco was screened at the theatre Jovanelli of Caiazzo. The documentary screening was organized by the Associazione of Monte Carmignano per l’ Europa. In the 1 November 1943, in Conca della Campania, a tiny village in the province of Caserta, 19 civilians were killed by a German military. Graziella…

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[:en]Midterm Evaluation Training[:]


[:en]and here comes the time that we have to assess our EVS experience so far… On 25-28 of July our Mid-term Evaluation Training which I attend with other EVS volunteers. The objectives of Mid-term Evaluation Training were to assess our EVS experience so far and to reflect on the activities and our learning prosses and of course share and learn for everybody’s experience. We all had the opportunity to share positive and difficult experiences during our project that helped us to increase our motivation. The…

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[:en]Concorso Nationale di Poesia – The Ceremony[:]

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[:en]Una lirica per l’anima On June 29th, the awards ceremony of the National Competition of Poetry took place in the multipurpose hall of the Middle School of Caiazzo – Istituto Comprensivo Statale “Aulo Attilio Caiatino”. During the ceremony I presented the section of “La donna e poesia” with the following text that I prepared from before with Prof. Giuseppe Pepe. “The woman has always been an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the poets not only in Italy but all over the world. Who can forget…

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[:en]The kid’s projects – Centro Madre Claudia[:]


[:en]Spending four amazing weeks with youngsters of Caiazzo After a meeting we have had with the nuns of Centro Madre Claudia the first week of June, I got the responsibility to organize workshops in English for the kids that will participate at the GREST 2019 (Gruppo Estivo 2019). The workshops were designed according to the group dynamics, following the structure of a Non-Formal Learning workshop: [Storytelling (a. Rules of the activity / b. Repeat the rules), Divide groups (if needed), Implementation of the activity, Debriefing,…

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[:en]PassAggiando Caiazzo – Visite Guidate[:]


[:en]Caiazzo – Two thousand five hundred years of history PassAggiando Caiazzo created from a group of people of ProLoco Caiazzo for providing tourist services to people that they visit Caiazzo (guided tours to local and foreigners). PassAggiando Caiazzo is a section of our organization responsible for the tourist services. Guided tours are offered in the historic center of the city of Caiazzo. During April, we organize a meeting with the staff and volunteers of ProLoco Caiazzo and PassAggiando Caiazzo. Present in the meeting was also…

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[:en]Discover Europe through Erasmus+ Youth Treasure Map From the first week of April, Young people and Youth of Caiazzo have a great opportunity to get informed about all Erasmus+ Youth Opportunities. Erasmus+ offers opportunities to young people all over the Europe to participate in projects, develop skills and competencies, get to know people from different countries and of course have fun. For more than two months we informed Young people and Youths of Caiazzo for the various opportunities that they have. For their information we…

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[:en]Fra cielo e terra la verticalità dell’albero – Art Exhibition[:]


[:en]Art exhibition at our beautiful Caiazzo Between sky and earth the verticality of the tree, the opening of this special art exhibition took place on Saturday 18th of May at Palazzo Mazziotti at Caiazzo. Three Italian artist under the same sky/roof unite their artistic powers and of course their talent to present their work. Gennaro Angelino (from Caiazzo) take care of the roots, Antonio Martone (from Benevento) of the foliage and Alfonso Viscusi (from Caiazzo) for the trunk. The exhibition will be open from May…

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