ELS: Education Learning Styles


[:it] Sono Saverio ho 30 anni. Questa è la mia prima esperienza in uno scambio interculturale. È stata un’esperienza molto formativa che mi ha permesso di conoscere nuovi modi di vedere le cose e nuove persone. Ho imparato ad apprezzare nuove culture e lingue. È una esperienza che consiglio davvero a tutti! ~Saverio, 30 Life long learning I progetti Erasmus + sono una bella sfida per mettersi in gioco, andare oltre la nostra routine e farci vedere quello che prima non riconosciamo. Sono l’esempio migliore…

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[:it] Day 1 Participant arrivals, after we played some name games, ice breaking and team building activities. Day 2 – Article about the morning activities. After the “Imaginary Bunny” energizer, the first activity that we made in the morning was the “Youthpass Islands”. First of all, we explained what are the 8 key-competence that we can improve during a Youth Exchange, and then we were divided in 8 small group. Every group had to find 8 “judges”, each one of them gave to the group…

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[:it]”Don’t let me down”[:]


[:it]During the 3rd and 11th of October 2019, in the beautiful island of Mykonos, Greece, 36 people from different countries gathered together to discuss about media literacy. The participants came from Italy, Romania, Spain, Turkey, Poland and Greece, and every team had 6 people. The project was provided by Greek National Agency of Erasmus+. In the week the participants took part to daily activities using non formal education methods in order to raise their awareness on the topic of media literacy. The activities consisted in:…

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[:en]Cypriot Cultural Evening[:]

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[:en]Assaggiamo alcune delicatezza cipriote prima della fine On Monday 30 of September after our weekly meeting the staff and the volunteers of our association had the opportunity to taste some typical products and delicacies from Cyprus. The Cyprus Cultural Evening was a spontaneous initiative that I took after my short trip to Cyprus. I brought some typical products and delicacies from Cyprus and prepared a small table for my colleagues and volunteers of our association. The table included: Χαλούμι – hallumi: local salty cheese Ελιωτή…

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[:en]Puliamo il Mondo – Caiazzo Version[:]

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[:en]Let’s clean up the world, let’s clean up our Caiazzo On Saturday 28th of September the initiative ‘‘Puliamo il mondo’’ took place at Caiazzo with the participation of students, volunteers and local people of the city. The volunteers of our association had the opportunity to participate in the event. Students, volunteers, citizens and associations gathered all together at one of the main squares of Caiazzo, Piazza Porta Vetere for the same goal: to reduce the abandoned waste and become promoters of sustainable behavior. The initiative…

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[:en]On Wednesday 11 September, we took part in the final ceremony of the competition “I Piatti Tipici del Medio Volturno“, at Palazzo Mazziotti. The event was a prestigious competition organized by our hosting organization Pro Loco Caiazzo “Nino Marcuccio“. “I Piatti Tipici del Medio Volturno” competition last one year and involves a large group of people and participants who have contributed to a research and identification of the typical dishes of the Medio Volturno territory. It involved also entities who are based on an economic…

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[:en]TERRA BRUCCIATA – the documentary[:]

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[:en]a documentary for a massacre took place the morning of 1 November 1943, in Conca della Campania, a small village in the province of Caserta. On Wednesday 04 of September the documentary “Terra Brucciata” of Luca Gianfrancesco was screened at the theatre Jovanelli of Caiazzo. The documentary screening was organized by the Associazione of Monte Carmignano per l’ Europa. In the 1 November 1943, in Conca della Campania, a tiny village in the province of Caserta, 19 civilians were killed by a German military. Graziella…

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[:it]Volunteering: Tool for Youth Empowerment[:]


[:it]The youth exchange “Volunteering: Tool for Youth Empowerment” is an activity in which our TdG Italian volunteers took part from 1st to 8th September 2019 in Obzor, Bulgaria, together with youth coming from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Turkey, Romania, Greece and Spain to discuss about volunteering situation in each Country. First experience of youth exchange with the people of seven different countries gathering under one roof and and sharing the same idea of volunteering. Motivational volunteering seminar and activities in order to help orphan,refugees,animals,people with disabilities and…

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