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[:en]Assaggiamo alcune delicatezza cipriote prima della fine

On Monday 30 of September after our weekly meeting the staff and the volunteers of our association had the opportunity to taste some typical products and delicacies from Cyprus.

The Cyprus Cultural Evening was a spontaneous initiative that I took after my short trip to Cyprus. I brought some typical products and delicacies from Cyprus and prepared a small table for my colleagues and volunteers of our association.

The table included:

  • Χαλούμι – hallumi: local salty cheese
  • Ελιωτή – Elioti: flour, sesame, black olives, olive oil, onions, a little cinnamon, a little salt and spearmint
  • Handmade buiscuits from my aunt Fotini
  • σιουσιουκκο – susukko: grape juice, sugar and almonds.
  • παστελλι – pastelli: sesame, almonds and honey.
  • Ouzo Candies (from duty free)
  • Buiscuit Chocolates
  • Κουμανταρία – Commandaria: local sweet wine

My lovely people were so happy that they had the opportunity to taste some of the most characteristic delicacies. The comparison with the Italian tastes was inevitable since Mediterranean tastes have many similarities each other. Elioti (olive pies) that I made with my hands were what they liked the most. Of course, I can’t mention the biscuits of my beloved aunt Fotini that I am sure she will be really happy when I tell her that they almost finished the bowl that she prepared for me.

Great moment of the gathering was when we cheer up with commandaria, a Cypriot local sweet wine in fact everybody said cheers in Greek ‘στην υγεια μας’ \stin ygeia mas\. At that moment I thought about the ultimate value of this project and I am really happy and proud for myself.

I would like to thank the staff and the volunteers of my association for giving me the space and the opportunity to promote my country and my culture throungt that evening and of course they are all invited to explore Cyprus any time they want!

I love you all!


in the photograph below sono Io con la mia amica geniale Annarita


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