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[:en]a documentary for a massacre took place the morning of 1 November 1943, in Conca della Campania, a small village in the province of Caserta.

On Wednesday 04 of September the documentary “Terra Brucciata” of Luca Gianfrancesco was screened at the theatre Jovanelli of Caiazzo. The documentary screening was organized by the Associazione of Monte Carmignano per l’ Europa.

In the 1 November 1943, in Conca della Campania, a tiny village in the province of Caserta, 19 civilians were killed by a German military. Graziella Di Gasparro, daughter of one of the fallen, has been fighting for years to keep alive the memory of that forgotten massacre.

For me it was an amazing experience to watched this documentary. I feel very glad for this. This documentary, starts with the stubborn willing of the daughter of his innocent father killed by Nazi as a starting point to compose a historical picture in two perspectives. On the one hand there are historians and scholars who place that precise story in a documented context. On the other hand, there is the director’s work with the witnesses of the period. An intervention that presents itself as extremely valuable because these are very old people who have the opportunity to remember and remind us of what happened before illnesses or the inevitable transitions due to age deprive us of their word and their emotions.

It is truly remarkable how the citizens of this great country have been dealing with Germans for so many years. “Terra Brucciata” is a documentary excellently crafted and well told. The director Luca Gianfrancesco took untold number of interviews and audio recordings to piece together a compelling and mesmerizing narrative.

Thank you very much for this amazing evening.


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