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[:en]Discover Europe through Erasmus+ Youth Treasure Map

From the first week of April, Young people and Youth of Caiazzo have a great opportunity to get informed about all Erasmus+ Youth Opportunities.

Erasmus+ offers opportunities to young people all over the Europe to participate in projects, develop skills and competencies, get to know people from different countries and of course have fun.

For more than two months we informed Young people and Youths of Caiazzo for the various opportunities that they have. For their information we create Erasmus+ Treasure Map. The Map is Non-Formal Visual that explains with clearly the basic youth opportunities of Erasmus+ such as Youth Exchanges, European Solidarity Corps and opportunities for Youth Workers. We also introduce to the people the variety of websites that are available in the internet from European Commission such as European Youth Portal, Salto, arbroadship.org, movineurope ect. For those that they use facebook there are a couple of groups sharing opportunities daily for youths.

For me personally, is an opportunity to meet new people who live in the territory here and share with them something that they didn’t had the chance to hear before. I also noticed that my communication skills are improving week by week as I am interacting with people that I don’t know and they are coming to the office to get informed for something that I know well. In the cases that parents bring their children (as they are under 18) they are really interested to send their children abroad.

If you are interested to get informed about any Youth Opportunity under Erasmus+ you can visit ProLoco Caiazzo every Monday from 15:00-19:00 or you can get your own appointment in any day of week from Monday to Friday by calling at the office in the number 0823862761 or send an email to caiazzoproloco@gmail.com[:]

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