[:en]Midterm Evaluation Training[:]


[:en]and here comes the time that we have to assess our EVS experience so far…

On 25-28 of July our Mid-term Evaluation Training which I attend with other EVS volunteers.

The objectives of Mid-term Evaluation Training were to assess our EVS experience so far and to reflect on the activities and our learning prosses and of course share and learn for everybody’s experience.

We all had the opportunity to share positive and difficult experiences during our project that helped us to increase our motivation. The assessment training provided us the opportunity to exchange our thoughts and re-plan, improve and make changes on our learning process. We also had the opportunity to discuss all together with the NA responsible, topics regarding our EVS project and express some of the serious challenges that we had/have in our project. The evaluation raised awareness in our personal learning process connected with the YouthPass Key Competences. Important part of this training was the Future Plans Session focusing on our plans after the end of the project.

The method used during the Mid-term Evaluation Training were under the framework of Non-Formal Learning. We worked both in small and big groups implementing various NFL methods. The activities focused more to encourage us to discuss and compare our experience so far. Highlight of the activities was the podcast we create in group of 3 to talk about our future visions. The methods used during the all the sessions were all amazing and supportive for the group dynamic and spirit.

Apart from the intensive schedule of the training we had the opportunity to spent time with other volunteers in relaxed and informal atmosphere sharing experiences. I wished we could have more time to see the beautiful city of Roma but I looking forward for the next time!

Personally, I am really happy that I was part of this training since we missed the on-arrival training that could help us a lot. With the Mid-Term training, I had the opportunity to assess my EVS experience so far and reflect on all the activities and tasks I achieved until now. I share my personal stories and experiences, I identified challenges, difficulties and problems faced during our project and consequently received support and clues to solve them. Also, as a final session we received information and guidance for future opportunities.

A great thanks to our trainers and organizer for these amazing days in Rome! I had a blast. Thank you very much and take care![:]

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