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[:en]On Wednesday 11 September, we took part in the final ceremony of the competition “I Piatti Tipici del Medio Volturno“, at Palazzo Mazziotti. The event was a prestigious competition organized by our hosting organization Pro Loco Caiazzo “Nino Marcuccio“.

I Piatti Tipici del Medio Volturno” competition last one year and involves a large group of people and participants who have contributed to a research and identification of the typical dishes of the Medio Volturno territory. It involved also entities who are based on an economic and social analysis of the territory and they support to identify the local excellences of a precious gastronomic history and of course connecting the world of production with this idea.

Me and the girls of Civil Services worked hard to organize the event. In the evening of the ceremony I was responsible for capturing with photographs and video the evening. Our president Maria Grazia Fiore introduced me to the people attended the event and thank everybody for the support before, during and after the ceremony.

The evening was attended by the winners of the competition, participants, supporters and important people in the field of gastronomy. The ceremony will end with the parade of typical dishes, winning results of the 7th edition, the chefs, authors of authentic delicacies that explained their recipes and preparation of their food.

One another time I had the chance to taste Italian delicacies from executive chefs of the region. Thank you very much for this amazing experience![:]

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