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On June 29th, the awards ceremony of the National Competition of Poetry took place in the multipurpose hall of the Middle School of Caiazzo – Istituto Comprensivo Statale “Aulo Attilio Caiatino”.

During the ceremony I presented the section of “La donna e poesia” with the following text that I prepared from before with Prof. Giuseppe Pepe.

“The woman has always been an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the poets not only in Italy but all over the world. Who can forget the Antigone of Sophocles, Medea of Euripides, Beatrice of Dante? Even poets who don’t praise woman in their works they talk about the sea, the homeland, the love. All of this is a female gender. The female figures are generally used by poets as symbols and described according to their influences, the generation or the stream in which they belong, and the social issues they wish to present her. So, through poetry, each poet tries to create and bring out an ideal woman, as he imagines her. It is true that the woman with all her faces, qualities and roles has been the muse of many great poets. Taking a look at poetry written for women, we find exceptional lyrics, full of subtlety and courtesy. This section brings together all the other sections of the competition in the name of woman. The role of wife, mother, woman as a person of faith, devotion, and submission is the core in which a whole affair is made and enable us to interpret the messages where poets want to be presented. Woman as natural or not was, is and will be a source of inspiration for many poets around the world.”

For me, being a member of Giuria Giovanni of the Concorso di poesia could be one another task of my project here in Italy, if the long path of knowledge that I have walked through, had not taught me to believe in myself, to overcome all obstacles and to accomplish my goals.

This poetic journey has undoubtedly changed my life and it was probably the most qualitative pursuits of this Italian experience. Did not broke down all of these stereotypes that I had in mind about poetry but gave a different allure to this journey. I have not only learned better how beautiful this world is, I have also found my place in it.

A great thanks to everyone who was with me in every moment of this amazing journey.[:]

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