[:en]Puliamo il Mondo – Caiazzo Version[:]

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[:en]Let’s clean up the world, let’s clean up our Caiazzo

On Saturday 28th of September the initiative ‘‘Puliamo il mondo’’ took place at Caiazzo with the participation of students, volunteers and local people of the city. The volunteers of our association had the opportunity to participate in the event.

Students, volunteers, citizens and associations gathered all together at one of the main squares of Caiazzo, Piazza Porta Vetere for the same goal: to reduce the abandoned waste and become promoters of sustainable behavior. The initiative was strongly supported by Mayor of Caiazzo Sign. Stefano Giaquinto.

As we gathered many people, we split up in groups in different parts of the city so that we could clean as much as we could all the parts of the city. Me and girls of my association we were at the Piazza Stefano Menecillo and the street that connects Piazza Vetere with Via Portanzia.

‘‘Clean up the world’’ (in Italian: Puliamo il mondo) is a global movement that is taking place for many years in Italy and is supported also from the Italian government. Our planet needs time for attention, an eye to understand what has become at the hands of humanity, we can no longer waste time, we need to stop and start from changing our habits now. We need to safe our planet.

This event became an important opportunity to involve young people, volunteers, citizens and associations in an important environmental movement.

For me it was a great opportunity to get involved to a local initiative for a really important reason. Thank you very much for this amazing experience!


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