[:it]”Don’t let me down”[:]


[:it]During the 3rd and 11th of October 2019, in the beautiful island of Mykonos, Greece, 36 people from different countries gathered together to discuss about media literacy.

The participants came from Italy, Romania, Spain, Turkey, Poland and Greece, and every team had 6 people. The project was provided by Greek National Agency of Erasmus+.

In the week the participants took part to daily activities using non formal education methods in order to raise their awareness on the topic of media literacy.

The activities consisted in: team building games which connected people, energizers to keep an high level of attention, research, discussions and debates about fake news and the impact of media on society.

Moreover, the youngsters developed their critical thinking by learning how to deal with the complexity of media’s world. They used unconventional methods and improved their creative skills to express different unspoken topics such as: Siberian fires, Euthanasia, refugees and slave traders.

The project was also focused on the intercultural exchange aspect, encouraging participants to learn new things about each other culture and local lifestyle. Every day they had different intercultural nights where they had the opportunity to learn interesting facts about these countries, discover traditional music and dances, and try local foods such as: Italian taralli,Romanian zacusca, Turkish delight, Spanish chorizo.

The group became close from the very beginning, with the help of organizers interactive activities. In their free time they shared stories about their traditions and their personal lives, creating new friendships and future partnerships.

They also had the possibility to learn about Greek culture thanks to the beauties of Mykonos and about Erasmus+ community ,developing ideas for new projects concerning the problems in their countries.[:]

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