“Don’t let me down”


During the 3rd and 11th of October 2019, in the beautiful island of Mykonos, Greece, 36 people from different countries gathered together to discuss about media literacy. The participants came from Italy, Romania, Spain, Turkey, Poland and Greece, and every team had 6 people. The project was provided by Greek National Agency of Erasmus+. In the week the participants took part to daily activities using non formal education methods in order to raise their awareness on the topic of media literacy. The activities consisted in:…

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Volunteering: Tool for Youth Empowerment


The youth exchange “Volunteering: Tool for Youth Empowerment” is an activity in which our TdG Italian volunteers took part from 1st to 8th September 2019 in Obzor, Bulgaria, together with youth coming from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Turkey, Romania, Greece and Spain to discuss about volunteering situation in each Country. First experience of youth exchange with the people of seven different countries gathering under one roof and and sharing the same idea of volunteering. Motivational volunteering seminar and activities in order to help orphan,refugees,animals,people with disabilities and…

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STEMS – Educare alla Multiculturalità


Il 21 novembre, Torre dei Giovani organizza l’evento moltiplicatore “Educare alla Multiculturalità” per il progetto “STEMS” per promuovere un sistema di istruzione più inclusivo e portare a una riduzione del divario di risultati accademici tra studenti con e senza un background da migrante; creare un processo di integrazione innovativo con l’aiuto del mentoring; promuovere il metodo di coinvolgimento della famiglia per l’integrazione degli studenti immigrati; sviluppare metodologie di insegnamento per promuovere l’integrazione a scuola e migliorare le capacità di apprendimento per I nuovi studenti stranieri;…

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Giuseppina Mazza

giuseppina mazza

GIUSEPPINA MAZZA   Giuseppina Mazza is the founder of Torre dei Giovani. Graduated in Civil Engineering and Safety Engineering, she is also a freelance journalist with several years of experience in theater and television.     She started her volunteer work at the age of fourteen, supporting people with few opportunities. Since 2004 she has been promoting active citizenship and the importance of the European Community, having the possibility to organize, with large following, various seminars and workshops on education, the protection of human rights…

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