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[:en]Taste delights of local typical customs of Campania, Italy…

Zeppola is a typical Italian dessert that they prepare in various regions in Italy during the carnival period. In south Italy is a typical dessert for the feast of San Giuseppe, at 19th of March, so is widely known as Zeppola di San Giuseppe.

In Caiazzo a 19th of March, in all the shop/markets of Aulo Attilio Caiatino offered to the people Zeppola di San Giuseppe.

The main ingredients are flour, sugar, eggs, butter and olive oil, custard, a sprinkling of icing sugar and cherries in syrup for decoration. It can be fried or baked it depends to the region. Both are tasty! Zeppola is covered with pastry cream with on top of the cherries in syrup and dusted with icing sugar.

We are more than four months here in Italy and I could say that I am in love with Italian kitchen/gastronomy. What I loved the most is the simplicity. Getting involved with Italian Culture is one of the aims of our EVS project. When this interaction has to do with food, we have one more reason to get involved. Also whet we also appreciate the most here in Caiazzo is that they try to keep some local customs in their pure and original way. We could say that Zeppola di San Giuseppe is one of these traditions that they keep alive and practice them until today.

Happy San Giuseppe day!


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