WEB@FREE participants needed!


TdG is looking for participants from Russia, France and Italy.

Project title: “WEB@FREE”
Venue: Torre del Greco, Italy.
Participants: 6 (up to 30 years) + 1 group leader
Dates: from 29/10/2017 to 06/11/2017

Candidate yourself at: participant.tdg@gmail.com

30 September 2017 – 02 October 2017
Youth Exchange
29 October 2017 – 06 November 2017

“WEB@FREE” is a Youth Exchange, financed by Erasmus Programme. The digital revolution has changed the political activism, social life, information,
education and the access to the employment; However, if you are not aware
and do not know the main tools you are cut off from the global world, and
there is a substantial restriction on the active citizenship.
Digital literacy means knowing how to use with confidence and criticism
information and communication technologies (ICT) for work, leisure and
communication. Unfortunately, in some countries the level of digital literacy is
lower than in others. In the European context, where there is the educational
recognition and qualifications between countries, these discrepancies are a
strong limit causing inequalities among citizens according to their origin.
Young people who during the educational career do not get adequate IT
training have fewer chances than their peers from other better organized
countries. Based on these considerations, the project aims to make public opinion, young
people and educators aware on the need to encourage digital literacy. Other
objectives are: to stimulate young people’s participation in social and political
life; increasing the critical sense in evaluating the information beyond what
are the traditional tools (newspapers, TV, radio, etc …); to increase
cooperation both locally and internationally in youth politics; spread
awareness about the effects of the digital age in democratic processes;
supporting and promoting informal learning through the use of ICT.
Activities will take place in Torre del Greco (and hinterland), will last nine days
and are divided into five sessions: “Get to Know Each Other”; “Information and
the Internet”; “Internet and direct democracy”; “Information and informal
learning”; final performance and follow up.

Accomodation and food are covered by the project. Your travel is covered up:
APV                       Youth Exchange
France                  € 275                                € 360
Russia                  € 360                                € 360
Egypt                   € 360                                 € 360
VISA is covered up to € 50 for Russia
We don’t ask a Participation FEE.
N.B.: Please remember that we can reimburse you only if you provide us all
your original tickets! You can send the online documents/tickets/invoices to

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