[:en]Time uncertain place still Caiazzo[:]


[:en]Time is passing so fast and I am still trying to understand something’s about my life and about this culture. I am feeling free otherwise I am thinking so much thing about myself and my future. I realized my experience not only about this culture also I am learning and I am listening myself. When I decide to do EVS, I couldn’t expect all this thing. Every day, I am grooving, I am learning and also, I am touching to other people lives and this feeling amazing. I feel like one of the family members of a huge house while walking through the streets of Caiazzo. Today I can say I am really lucky. Otherwise we are really busy because every month a carnival or project waiting for us.

This month we participate a project in Torre del Greco. This project about immigration and so many country companies to us. I met with amazing people I visited to immigration camp we try.to increase our awareness also we are here, we know and we are looking to say we are one.   All participate worked during the project to know what’s happening the other country? I can say, I learned so many things and still I am researching.

See you soon Ragazzi.[:]

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