[:it]TdG seleziona 4 partecipanti per scambio a Canakkale[:]


[:it]Project name: “Escape Cyber – Enter Life” TC Project.

Dates: 17 – 24 april 22017

Place: Canakkale (Troy/Troia), Turkey

“Escape Cyber – Enter Life”. It’s a multilateral action in which will take part organizations form the following countries, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain, Slovakia, Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania. Every team will participate with 4 participants between the ages 18 – 45 (sum of participants 32 persons) The main purpose of this program is the sensitization of the Youth Workers, Trainers and Professionals of the field of Education about the modern youth problem of Internet Addiction. We will try to transfer the knowledge about the problem through scientific help, by examine every aspect of the mental disorder of Internet Addiction from different points of view, always under the guidance of Specialists and Professionals. They participants will learn special techniques which they will help them to understand, to recognize and to confront the problem that an Internet Addicted young person is facing, by offering professional and aimed help to the person that suffers. It’s a fact that our modern society is stigmatized by moral crisis that truly puts into test young people all over the world. False moral signals and misunderstood behaviors are guiding, especially young people to wrong and dangerous social behaviors, with multilevel consequences to their physically and mentally health (e.g. violent behavior, depression, suicide disposition etc.)


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