[:it]TdG in Bulgaria per la fotografia sociale[:]


[:it]TdG in Bulgaria, partner dello scambio giovanile sulla fotografia sociale che si è svolto a Dolna Banja dall’ 8 al 19 ottobre 2016.

Online photo exhibition “1000 Words”

A picture is worth a thousand words! We are bringing you the proof for that!
An Erasmus plus youth exchange that happened in Bulgaria (Dolna Banya) from 08.10. – 19.10.2016. wants to present you photo stories of our little heroes that fight with life obstacles every day! We made photo interviews with children and young people having hard life but big smile on their faces. We interviewed refugees, Roma children, children from orphanages, and young people with many social, economic and cultural obstacles.

Gathering participants in love with photography from 6 different countries; Bulgaria, Lithuania, Croatia, Macedonia, Italy and Romania we present to you our online photo exhibition which you can find on http://ye1000words.wixsite.com/1000words

You have more than 40 photo stories so please be our guest and enjoy them all.
Online photo exhibition is follow-up of photo exhibition organized in Bulgaria (Dolna Banya) during the youth exchange.

– Teaching participants digital skills; advanced usage of photo equipment and photography
– Teaching participants photojournalism
– Raising participants civic and social competence by involving them in local community and working on social issues
– Promotion of social inclusion, solidarity and empathy for marginalised groups of European community
– Greater involvement of marginalised groups and members into local and international community[:]

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