[:en]Presepe Vivente [:]


[:en]Among the most beautiful views of the historic center of Caiazzo

One of the first impressions that I had since I arrived in this beautiful city is that it looks like a movie set.

…and my stream of consciousness became reality in the most perfect way that could be. Presepe Vivente is a representation of the Jesus Christ birth and the passage from Nazareth to Bethlehem. The representation begins from the historical center of Caiazzo (Piazza S. Stefano Minicillo) continues to the Mayors building through Aulo Attilio Caiatino and ends up at Mura Ciclopiche.

Words are needless to describe the whole experience. I was one of the three wise men. The atmosphere, the scenes, the costumes where all like a part of a fairytale. I was charmed from the whole play. There was a spontaneity in performance of roles that made the representation unforgettable.

The inventive and imaginative direction by the one and only Mr. Domenico Rossetti in combination with the historical places of Caiazzo manage to create the atmosphere of the period.

Personally, it will be one of the most beautiful experiences that I had on this project. Being part of a local custom of a culture makes you feel integrated in the society as I had the opportunity to interact with the people of Caiazzo and work together for this amazing representation.

Thank you for this experience![:]

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