[:en]With the UNICEF orchid you make life flourish again at Piazza Porta Vetere, Caiazzo, 30 and 31 of March

One another year our association ProLoco Caiazzo accept the invitation of UNICEF Italy to participate in the initiative “ORCHIDEA UNICEF – ogni bambino è vita”.

On Saturday and Sunday 30 and 31 of March at the Piazza Porta Vetere of Caiazzo, with a minimum offer of 15 euros we distribute one orchid.

Getting involved for a weekend as a UNICEF volunteer made me become aware on sensitive child-related topics and help with the least possible way to this initiative.

UNICEF takes care, gives food, and protects millions of children in more than 190 countries and territories. UNICEF’s programs emphasize developing community services, to promote health and well-being of children. Millions of children risk their lives every day for preventative causes.

With the UNICEF orchid make your life flourish again!

For information about the campaign you can find at orchidea.unicef.it[:]

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