[:it]November in love[:]


[:it]1 week we were preparing  for the project “Web@Free”. This project about freedom of information in different countries.  We were helping  to create decorations for italian cultural night,  planning activities for participants.  I was afraid a little bit, because we have to manage activities for 35 people from different countries and use only english))))) It was my first experience to do something like this, and expectations was very brighi!  I was going to meet russian people, to get a gulp of my world. First day we met participants, and managed first activities. This day I very tired emotionally,  but I felt very very very well. I got a chance to be at another side of project – side of organisators. It was very important experience for me, because it made me feel more responsible at our EVS project.

I was very surprised to know turkish and egyptian people. In my imagination they were not very opened persons,  but when at the first day of project they put on egyptian music andare started to dance at the last time in their lifes, I was really in shock (but in a good way offerte this word)))))))) Nobody was shying,  and the others followed them with dances. It totally changed my opinion about egyptians and turkish people! Before this project we had experience to participate in traning in Nola. In Nola was very good and intersting,  but here was more atmosfera of friendship and freedom (and I would like to tell thank you to the organisators and leaders for the perfect traning!)

Me and Andrea (my Spanish roommate/soulmate/friend/sister))))))))) prepared presentation about our EVS experience, to show it to participants of this project. I did it for the first time in my life (talk to camera, make a mixed video with music and subtitles). We spent a lot of funny  time to make this videos,  and we became more close to each other,  because work together is connecting. I was very engoing to share my EVS experience with guys, and I think several participants deffinately will do EVS after they saw our example.

I’ve realised that I feel comfortable with Italian food, I’m not already afraid to cross the roads here))))) I was just teaching several of russians to do it)))))))) It becoming usially for me to live in Italy))))))

And finally we went to vulcano Vesuvio at free time in the project!!! The vulcano became 1 of the brightest memories in my life!!!!!!! I couldnt stop smiling. I felt mixed feelings on the top of vulcano: fear,  happyness,  freedom.. our driver was very funny Italian men with the funniest car ring in the world?  After volcano we decided to go to Pompei. We were walking there several hours, awesome place, very tired, but came back very happy)))) during the road to home we were trying to learn egyptian))) again we were laughing for tears ???

I would like to tell thank you to all of participants for positive, good mood and information of course))) The planet earth is not so big and who knows.. maybe we will meet  each other!)))

After the project we went to trip to Bologna, Florence and Piza.  In Bologna we was in 1 towel – the highest towel in the city. It’s only 1 place without students. There is tradition:  no one student can go on the top of this towel, before finish studying. And in Bologna we visited anatomic theatre – place where for the first time people were making autopsy for a science.  In the past there in front of medical students teacher was making dissected the corpses, now this is an interesting example of the ancient method of teaching.

After we went to Florence.  It’s city – juwelary box!!! A lot of beautiful palaces,  churches. We were in the gallery of arts Uffizi and saw paintings of Leonardo da Vinci (“baptism of Christ”), Rafael, Botticelli (“birth of Venus” and “spring”), Michelangelo (Madonna Doni) and a lot of sculptures, sculptures-bust, etc. And of course marble statue of David (Michelangelo). In Piza we visited the famous tower, of course we made stupid photos with the tower as everybody (tradition)))))))[:]

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