My second month in the “Do ESC” project  

It is my second mouth in Italy.

Last week we visited Bulgaria for the Be Activ project. I have many things to write about the project.
•Play and learn outside in different settings

•Discover practical ways how to include yourself and others
•Create and organise games/ activities for each other
•Go on a hiking adventure
•Share your learnings within an intercultural group

On July 22, we went to Pazardjik, Bulgaria for the BeActive project. Our activity started on July 23. First activity was get-to-know and breaking–the–games.

We got to know each other and learned their names. I am very happy to meet new friends. It means meeting people from different countries and learning new cultures. It’s very valuable for me.

Then we shared our fears, contributions and expectations. Then we went on a trip to Pazardjik. We set off according to the map and the list of places to visit that were given to us.

I really liked Pazardjik. Its streets, parks, and people are very beautiful. 

And the night was an intercultural night. Participants from Turkey, France and Romania introduced their countries.  They presented their national cuisine, dances, musics etc.

We tasted food and drinks. The party was a lot of fun.

On July 24, our first activity was a discussion on types of education: formal, informal or non-formal. We were divided into different groups and together we discussed and made presentations. I learned about the importance of education and information about its types. Then we played games as a teaching method. We discussed what the simulation and ngame teaching method is.

And the night was the second intercultural night. This time it was the night of Italy, Bulgaria and Spain. We, as Italian participants, showed food and a video about Italy to promote Italian cuisine.

We also performed the Italian national dance.

July 25 we traveled to Koprivshtica.

Koprivshtica (or Koprivshtitsa) is one of the most charming little towns in Bulgaria. Its traditional colourful houses and cobbled streets take you back to the Bulgarian Revival in the 19th century. Koprivshtica Is the perfect destination for trip.

Koprivshtica is a small town just above 1000 meters of altitude, on Topolnitsa River, between Sofia and Plovdiv. It looks like an open-air museum featuring restored, brightly colored houses.

On  26 July we played Group games and strategic decisions, Trust games, Encouraging games and concentration games. Than we went to pool. 

On July 27, we visited the city of Plovdiv.   Plovdiv is a great city. It is the second largest city in Bulgaria with a population of 368,469 people, accounting for 4.6% of the total of the country. Plovdiv is situated in the south-central part of the country. It lies along the Maritsa River and is situated amid six hills that rise from the Thracian Plain to a height of 400 feet (120 metres).

On July 28, we divided into different groups and made a game together. Our game was mainly to strengthen math knowledge. Then we introduced it and played together.

On July 29, we traveled to Yazovir Batak.  Nature was so perfect that I was amazed. 

I learned a lot in the Be Active project I participated in.  first of all, I met new people from different countries.  During my communication with them, I improved my language skills.

  I visited Bulgaria for the first time and visited several cities.  I learned about Bulgaria and its history.  I am very disappointed with the end of the project. I never wanted it to end.  Because we learned together and had fun together. 

We got a certificate on the last day of the project.