My new month in Italy

Hi, I’m Maryam. Today is my fifth month in Italy and I must say that I am very used to Italy. Its history, culture, food is very good.

In Italy, we spend most of our time with people with disabilities and I love spending time with them.

  This month I had the chance to travel again.  First in Bulgaria and then

  I’ve been in Germany.

  Bulgaria is a place I’ve been to before and I love it here. The cuisine is very nice, the people are friendly. And I had the chance to visit the city of Plovdiv again.

This is also a historical place and welcomes many tourists. It was eye-catching with its streets, historical buildings and churches. I met a lot of people here. and I made good friends. Everyone was very good and we had a good time together. Although it made me sad to leave them, I am hopeful to see them again.

  Then I went to Germany.  I visited the German city of Regensburg. Regensburg is the city established at the confluence of the Regen River with the Danube River. 

The camp next to the Regen River was a Roman military base used after 179.  It is the capital and administrative center of the Oberpfalz region.  The historic city center has been on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 13 July 2006, together with the Stadtamhof on the opposite bank.

Regensburg is famous for its historic buildings. Theater am Bismarckplatz is the city theater with its big house and Neuhaussaal.  The 200-year-old three-story theater hosts operas, operettas and musicals, as well as ballets and dramas for 519 spectators.  The Regensburg Philharmonic Orchestra gives symphonic concerts in Neuhaussaal.The official museum portal of the city of Regensburg has 22 museums and permanent exhibitions.

The Free State also includes the Prince’s Treasure Thurn und Taxis Regensburg in Regensburg, as well as St.  It also has a branch museum of the Bavarian National Museum, housed in the former royal stables of Emmeram Castle.  The Marstallmuseum, located in the adjoining horse hall with its collection of chariots, still belongs to the princely house of Thurn und Taxis. There are 1346 architectural monuments in the city.

 Germany really has a beauty that cannot be described. I would like to be here again and travel more.At the same time, we organized an event to support women on the day of no to violence against women.