My 8th month in the “Do ESC” project

Hello hello. We went on a small vacation in January.  We went to Egypt with the girls.  Egypt is a very interesting and very magnificent country for me.  As I researched the ancient history of the country, I was very excited.  First, we went to see the Pyramids, which are located in Cairo and are a wonder of the world.  It was quite interesting.

  Volunteering in Europe has many advantages for me.  Traveling to other countries, getting to know about countries, cities, their history and culture. 

After returning from vacation, we continued our work from where we left off.  We distributed flyers to youth and students to introduce our association to more people.  We gave them information about our project.  We met with disabled people twice a week.  We prepared surprises together for the birthday party of Guzi, our friend there.  We had fun together at the party.  In the following days, we did our office work.  We have finished our online and social work.  We made podcasts for radio.  At the end of the week, we visited the city of Scario.  Scario is a small town with many interesting places to visit.  I loved it there.