My 6th month in the “Do ESC” project 

Hellooo.  New month end and new adventures.  As always, it has been a very interesting month.  First, we had an outdoor activity for schoolchildren.  We distributed flyers for the English and Turkish language courses we will be giving.  We tried to introduce our association to young people and students in Torre del Greco.  We invited them to the course and at the same time to several projects that will be held by our association.  We talked and discussed a lot. 
The next week we went to Laviano.  We also helped the other association, Amici di Laviano, in many cases.  Then we participated in the event dedicated to the 42nd anniversary of the people who lost their lives during the earthquake in Laviano in 1980.  We carried flowers for the memory of the dead people.

  In the following days, we held a small event to introduce Azerbaijani culture to people living in Laviano.  My friend Maryam and I cooked Azerbaijani national dishes together.  The guests liked it very much and tried to get to know the culture of Azerbaijan by asking questions about the country.  After the meal, we played the national dance of Azerbaijan together.  It was a very interesting and fun day.  Back in Torre del Greco, we met citizens in the streets to say NO to violence against women.  Then we celebrated my birthday with my friends. My friends and their parents at the disability center gave me a birthday surprise.  I was very happy and very emotional.  I spent my first birthday away from my family.  but the people here are like family to me.