My 5th month in the “Do ESC” project 

We finished the next month. This month has been very interesting. I had a lot of fun and gained a lot of new experiences. We met with disabled people twice a week. We did several activities together. I love to spend time with them, play together, learn, have fun.
I participated in the project “Different but equal” in Bulgaria. As the name suggests, the project was about gender equality. I gained new terms and knowledge about gender equality. We worked together in different groups and completed tasks. Together we learned new information and had discussions.

We visited the historical places and museums of Bulgaria. I learned a lot of new knowledge about the country’s history. I ate delicious national dishes. I even learned the Bulgarian national dance. It was very useful for me to participate in the project. We spent an interesting and useful week with my friends. We studied together, worked as a group, explored the city, and had a lot of fun. We also had a Halloween party on the last day of the project.