[:it]Last month we were working at the office: preparing ourselves for the training course and to next events.

Since 20th to 23th of March we were close to Rome at the training course in nice hotel close to mountains. Around 70 people from different countries were participating (the same EVS volunteers as me). Trainers separated us for 2 teams . Each team had different activities, but the same goal.

This training – is time to think about our previous 6 months in Italy, about our experience we got in Italy, about our feelings. It’s time to think what we were expecting from EVS before project and what we got. It’s time to share experience with other volunteers, to know their experience. It’s time to think how we are going to spend next 6 months here in Italy, to make a plan of actions. It’s time to think about our plans when we come back home. And of course to meet new people, make a friends. I was surprised to meet Russian-speaking people. I met 1 guy from Georgia and guy and girl from Ukraine.

We had very funny activities and of course final party)) We were watching stand-up comedy show by 1 of our trainer. So, it was very useful training for us. We made a plan for the future and we are ready to act!)))[:]

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