[:en]Let’s play with history[:]


[:en]Let’s learn, experience and change the history!  

…and here we are, in a familiar experience, an International Project in our hosted organization ProLoco Caiazzo.

Let’s play with history project was Europe for Citizens program. 2014-2020 Strand 2: Democratic engagement and civic participation. Selection 2018 Measure 2.1 “Town Twining” Round 1.

This project aiming to contribute to citizens’ understanding of the Union, its history and diversity, debating the future of Europe and challenging Euro-skepticism. Also raise awareness of remembrance, common history and values and he EU’s aims that is to promote peace, values and the well-being of its people by stimulate debate, reflection, and development of Network, encourage democratic and civil participation of citizens at EU, by developing citizens. Last but not least understanding of the EU policy making process and promote opportunities social and intercultural engagement and volunteering in EU level.

In this project we were responsible for the morning activities (get to know each other activities, team building activities and energizers). During the project we also had the opportunity to promote Erasmus+ and youth opportunities in Europe and of course to promote our cultures and countries to all the participants of the project.

The director Mr. Domenico Rossetti with his theatre team were responsible for the main activity a simulation about the “Massacre of Monte Carmignano”. Mr. Rossetti inspired from this historical event prepared a session through the theatre of the oppressed and a time machine simulation. The participants through this activity had the chance to revive with an artistic way the event and understand that our generation can change the history and live in a world in peace.

Apart from the project we had the chance to visit a lot of historical places of Caiazzo and Caserta such as English gardens of Caserta Palace, the Belvedere of San Leucio – the museum of silk and the Archaeological side of Trebula Balliensis. One of the most important places that we visit though was the Monte Carmignano and the place the massacre took place.

Being part of the project was undoubtedly an amazing and unforgettable experience. Apart from the great opportunity that gives you these kind of projects (meet new cultures and people from all over the Europe and not only, promote your own culture and values) these projects gives you also the opportunity to discover yourself better and improve your skills.[:]

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