[:it]January [:]

[:it]Last months the weather was very cold (not the same cold as in Russia of course, but anyway) and we didn’t go out or somewhere, that’s why we had a lot of free time to study languages – English and Italian.

This month as always we were working in the center for people with disabilities. And also we participated in the project in Laviano. We met another volunteers and after the project we spent amazing time in mountains close to nature. Everyone ask me whereabouts I live in Russia – in Moscow or in Saint Petersburg, because nobody knows another cities in Russia)))) but at this project I met couple who asked the same question, I told them: “I live not in Moscow and not in Saint Petersburg” and they told: “Perm city maybe?” I was in shock!!! They know my city!!!!!! I was around to hug them))))) They were with the dog which they bought in my city! I met Russian dog!!! I couldn’t believe!

I had a lot of free time to do my hobbies – finished to make first socks in my life. I think its very good result. And also I am continuing to draw russian matrioshkas. But I still didn’t finish the golden one.

This month I finally got my Christmas present from Russia (video camera). I decided to create my video blog, because here there are so many stuff to show to Russia. Me with Andrea already planned to make amazing videos under the water (but in the summer of course)))) And I want to keep as much memories as it possible about Napoli and my experience here.

Next project is going to happen in April and we were also helping to prepare. We were making the list of hotels where participants can live during the project, famous restaurants in Napoli, and list of local events which participants can join during their free time. We also prepared excursion in Napoli for participants and we are going to work as a guides for them, it’s gonna be very interesting and helpful experience for us.[:]

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