First Month in Torre Del Greco

Hello, I’m Burcu from Turkey. I just completed my first month at Torre del Greco today. I attended many events and met new people. I want to tell you a little about them. First, I went out to explore the city; I visited the markets in the side streets, the central streets and the beach. In the following days, I had the chance to attend an event where we visited Mount Vesuvius. I learned a lot about the history of the region. I met people from different organizations and we attended the event where we cleaned the beach with them. Later, we helped decorate a party organized by people with disabilities, and in our next meeting, we painted and played games with them and had a good time. In my spare time, I had the opportunity to go to the center of Naples and visited many historical places. The next week, we prepared a video and dance performances promoting our own country for people with disabilities and danced with them. Then we prepared bags with gifts for Kenyan people. We attended the culture night of Greek, Mexican and Kenyan volunteers. We both gave the bags we prepared and had the opportınity to get to know the food and cultures of different countries. The last week of the month, I went to VolCamp, we got to know each other for the first time and did fun activities at the camp. So, these activities allowed us to be closer to each other an to learn about food, health and economy. Then I learned how to make bread and gnocchi. It was really fun and nice to meet different cultures. I look forward to the activities I will do next month.

See you soon.