Hi, I’m Maryam. I’ll tell you what I did in the first month I came to Italy. First of all, I have to say that Italy is a better place than I thought. Torre del Giovani is where I live now. It’s a small but beautiful place.
The first week I came here, I just tried to explore the surroundings. I liked having side streets ,sea, churches,open markets.People are very friendly and fun.Later we were in Vesuvio a first week and got historical information.I learned that Vesuvio is an active volcano with a height of 1281 m.

The next week we met with disabled children. We drew pictures with them, we played games. I am really happy when I am with them. I can’t wait to spend more time. Our other activity was to clean the sea. It was a pleasure to be in such a project, I hope we were able to tell people something and they will care about keeping the sea clean. Our third week has been a lot of fun..

First, we watched dances, theater and promotional videos that reflect our culture with children with disabilities. It was great to see them happy. This week we donated technology materials and goods to people in need in Kenya. We had a good time with the people we just met. Then we went on the Leranto Bay training trip. We got historical information. This place was rich with natural resources.

We spent most of the fourth week at the camp. We learned a lot of new information about organic food. And we learned how to make bread together with everyone and how to cook Italian food Nioki. We also sang music and played games. It was very fun to do things together. One of our other activities is protecting the sea. It was to tell people how much damage plastic, garbage bags and iron pieces cause in his name. I learned a lot in this short time, but I know there is a lot more to learn.☺️