[:en]First days and preparations for Christmas event[:]


[:en]the paper crafts

Our first days at Caiazzo passed so fast. Getting to know better the people that we will spend with here one year, trying to understand the framework that we will work in and the most fascinating, this beautiful place that we live in. Although the city of Caiazzo is so small, still surprise us positively every day.

It’s seems like movie set but it’s more than reality. The people here are so kind and so helpful in everything. We also appreciate their curiosity about our countries and also explaining and share with people how we get here in Caiazzo and the framework of Erasmus+ youth opportunities for all in Europe.

One of the first tasks that we had to achieve was the preparations for the «Carro di Babbo Natale». In that point we didn’t know anything about this event but the preparation seemed very serious and hard work for all the team for an event for the kids of Caiazzo. The preparation of Babbo Natale wagon was creative and funny and undoubtedly we enjoy the process as much as the final event.[:]

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