[:en]Fiera dei beni comuni[:]


[:en]Promoting Erasmus + opportunities in a Youth Fair in Napoli

On the 14th of December we take part in the Fiera dei beni comuni with our host organisation Torre dei Giovani – TdG. The event is organized for 1oth year with a variety of topics related to youth and volunteers but is a great chance for NGO’s to exchange good practices and promote their activities in the people.

Our organization Torre dei Giovani – TdG take part with our own table and with us promoting EVS and other Youth Opportunities in Europe through Erasmus+.

The event took place to an amazing building “Istituto Martuscelli”. The institute provided rehabilitation services, material and health assistance, recreational activities and social integration to elder blind people. During the fair we have the honor to be guide by the responsible of the institute and talk to us about the amazing work that they do. We learned a lot about the history of the building through a small exhibition of equipment and books used by blind people. A person with blind disability also talked to us about Braille, the writing system used by people with visual impairments. He kindly wrote our names.

It was a pleasure and honor for us to visit the building “Istituto Martuscelli” participate in the Youth Fair and in some of their activities, learn important information about the Italian Youth and of course the framework that the institute Martuscelli works even if our Italian Language Skills are not enough to complete the experience.[:]

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