Time uncertain place still Caiazzo


Time is passing so fast and I am still trying to understand something’s about my life and about this culture. I am feeling free otherwise I am thinking so much thing about myself and my future. I realized my experience not only about this culture also I am learning and I am listening myself. When I decide to do EVS, I couldn’t expect all this thing. Every day, I am grooving, I am learning and also, I am touching to other people lives and this…

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Our home Caiazzo and Let’s Play with History


From 10-14 of January we host an International exchange project named Let’s play with history. For this project came to Caiazzo from Germany participant and we created another history and we showed the how is important to be together. It was so important for me I met with Monte Camigniano History and we made a representation for this event. We visited the Royal Palace in Caserta, I believe this very important for everybody not only for me because we didn’t visit only also, we learned…

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Our days at Caiazzo


The most impressive thing in this beautiful experience is our interaction with the people of Caiazzo. We really appreciate their curiosity about our cultures and I am really happy every time I share things about my country. Living in a huge city like Istanbul comes in a contrast with our new reality. Although I thought It will be difficult to adapt easy in a small city like Caiazzo, I could say that living in a city like this giving us the opportunity to get to…

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Celebrating my Birthday at our Caiazzo


and there I was thinking that this year I will spend my birthday alone, far from my family, my beloved Caiazzo people with the help of the Giorgiiii, they organise for me a surprice party for my 24th birthday. On Saturday 08 of December, I woke up early in morning and I went out with Giorgi. Giorgi was really strange but I didn’t understood anything. At seven o clock in the evening we were about to come back at home and I stop to tabaccheria…

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and let my EVS begin!


My EVS experience started in the morning of November 21 at the Ataturk International Airport. Hopefully my dear mentor Guisy made online check in for me so I manage to catch my flight two minutes before gates closed. My journey to Napoli begins… In Athens airport I met with my partner Giorgiiii and we flight together to Napoli. It was a really long day so since we arrived in Napoli we were really tired. Guisy and our director Maria welcomed us to the airport and…

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We are one


Youth Exchange by the coast of Santa Maria la Bruna, Torre del Greco, Napoli From February 27 until March 6 we support our organization Torre dei Giovani in the second phase of the project We are one that took place at Santa Maria la Bruna, Torre del Greco, Napoli. In the project participated people from seven countries Italy, Greece, Germany, Lithuania, Romania, Turkey and The Netherlands sharing ideas and good practices of each country about refugees, integration and inclusion. In this project had the opportunity…

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La stanze della Memoria


I know, I don’t forget, and fight for a better world On January 27th is the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, commemorating the tragedy of the holocaust that occurred during the 2nd World War. The city of Caiazzo, our organization ProLoco Caiazzo, other organizations of Caiazzo and the theatrical team “La Fenice” on Saturday, 26th of January the organize an exhibition and a theatrical representation of “Massacre of Monte Carmignano”. I had the honor of be part of the representation and the whole organization. The event…

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Let’s play with history


Let’s learn, experience and change the history!   …and here we are, in a familiar experience, an International Project in our hosted organization ProLoco Caiazzo. Let’s play with history project was Europe for Citizens program. 2014-2020 Strand 2: Democratic engagement and civic participation. Selection 2018 Measure 2.1 “Town Twining” Round 1. This project aiming to contribute to citizens’ understanding of the Union, its history and diversity, debating the future of Europe and challenging Euro-skepticism. Also raise awareness of remembrance, common history and values and he…

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Presepe Vivente


Among the most beautiful views of the historic center of Caiazzo One of the first impressions that I had since I arrived in this beautiful city is that it looks like a movie set. …and my stream of consciousness became reality in the most perfect way that could be. Presepe Vivente is a representation of the Jesus Christ birth and the passage from Nazareth to Bethlehem. The representation begins from the historical center of Caiazzo (Piazza S. Stefano Minicillo) continues to the Mayors building through…

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Carro Babbo Natale


Ho ho ho Buon Natale! Santa Claus is coming to Caiazzo. After weeks of preparations the big day came. On 16th of December, ProLoco Caiazzo during the weekend of Christmas celebrations organized Carro Babbo Natale for the young kids of Caiazzo (and the old). The Annunziata Church transformed into a Christmas village for the kids. The kids of Caiazzo could create small crafts and send their letter to Babbo Natale. I don’t know how but Babbo Natale arrived from a small island in Mediterranean sea…

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