[:en]Concorso Nationale di Poesia – The evaluation[:]


[:en]Una lirica per l’anima

In the 21 of March the submission for the participation in the National Poetry Competition of ProLoco Caiazzo has been completed. More than 290 participants submitted their poems in all the categories. After the organization committee choose the poems that they will be evaluated by the juries, the four juries started to evaluate the poems.

In January 2019, Prof. Pepe Giuseppe, senior responsible of the Concorso di poesia offered me the possibility to be one of the members of Giuria Giovanni (Youths Jury). The Giuria Giovanni is composed by young people over 18 years old with an artistic background.

I will not leave you hidden that in the beginning I got scared as I have a humanities studies background and I know how difficult it is to deal with literature, especially poetry. Professore reassured me by telling me that we will work together and I can also join the pre-evaluation meeting both of Giuria Giovanni (Youths Jury) Giuria Ragazzi (Youngs Jury) for having the opportunity to practice more. We also spent some mornings explaining me the theory of the evaluation.

In the last four months we were doing meeting every Tuesday afternoon for evaluating poems. I would like to say that this period it was one of the most beautiful and qualitative periods of my experience here in Caiazzo. I had the chance to learn a lot of things about Italian culture and literature, practice my Italian language skills and interact and spend time with local youths of Caiazzo. Getting to know the local culture of a place through literature is giving you the opportunity to discover better the magic and the sensitivity of a culture. I also had the chance through the meetings discussions, to share a lot of things about Cypriot and Greek literature. In between, on March I have been in Cyprus for vocation and I brought Cypriot poems books translated in Italian and we read some of them during the meetings.

On April 12th, Juries started the official evaluation of the poems. The evaluation of the poems lasted about a month. Involving in Giuria Giovanni (Youths Jury) of such a competition like this, make me learn a lot of things about me and develop personal skills.

Concorso di poesia will be one another thing that I have done during my EVS that I will remember. Do you also want to take a taste of poetry? The join us in the official ceremony on 29th of June here in Caiazzo.[:]

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