Carro Babbo Natale


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Ho ho ho Buon Natale!

Santa Claus is coming to Caiazzo. After weeks of preparations the big day came. On 16th of December, ProLoco Caiazzo during the weekend of Christmas celebrations organized Carro Babbo Natale for the young kids of Caiazzo (and the old). The Annunziata Church transformed into a Christmas village for the kids. The kids of Caiazzo could create small crafts and send their letter to Babbo Natale.

I don’t know how but Babbo Natale arrived from a small island in Mediterranean sea called Cyprus and in a short conversation that I had with him he told me that however he could not speak Italian with the kids he really had great moments with his little friends.

How beautiful is to make happy little kids!

Ho ho ho Buon Natale and a happy new year!

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