[:en]Caccia all’ olio[:]


[:en]Scavengers hunt in San Giovanni e Paolo

Scavengers hunt game has been one of my favorite game in all the countries that I live and now in Italy has special value as I have been part of it.

In general, in group games people cultivate moral values (such us respect patience, co-existence, collaboration) and that’s most probably the reason that I love such games like this. On December 2nd, our ProLoco Caiazzo organized the “Oil hunt” an adaption of the Scavengers hunt.

The game is organized every year and the aim is to encourage the culture of olive oil, as a product of excellence in the province and possibly to strengthen its presence on Italian and foreign markets. As I am becoming from a country that has a strong tradition with olive oil as we produce and consume olive oil for a lot of centuries. In Cyprus, olive and olive oil are integral elements of our life and the basic ingredients of everyday nutrition.

All the participants, with them we also we had the chance to get to know better this beautiful part of Caiazzo – San Giovanni e Paolo – and taste local traditional specialties.

One another time we appreciate the curiosity and the interest of the people on what brought us here in Caiazzo. Sharing things about your country always make you glad of your choice to do this project. We also had the chance to get to know a part of the city that is really close to us and that we can visit any time we want.[:]

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