[:en]Benvenuti a Caiazzo[:]


[:en]and let this amazing experience begin.

Our EVS journey started at November 21st 2018. With Sinem we met at Athens International Airport. (She flight from Istanbul, Turkey and I flight from Larnaca, Cyprus). We arrived at Naples Airport in the evening. There, our coordinator Giusy and our director Maria welcomed us in Italy.

All together made the road from Naples to the place that will host is this year, the beautiful city of Caiazzo. The emotions were mixed. We were both prepared for this experience but it was also the thought that reality goes beyond any expectation. …and so far that’s how it is!

The first night that we arrived here in Caiazzo, our organization Pro Loco and the Municipality of the city of Caiazzo welcomed us to with a warm gathering. The mayor and the people of Caiazzo welcomed us. Our beloved chef Angela prepared Italian delicacies.

One another fact that we loved, apart from Italian hospitality is that the house that will we stay for one year is so special. As you most probably know the city of Caiazzo is very old. Our house, of course is like this. It looks like museum, like movie set. We definitely loved this. It helped us more to our adaptation in Caiazzo.

…and somehow our EVS journey started. So far both, the city and the people of this city are all so kind with us. Most probably for them is so strange to see two foreigners in their city. It’s something that many they are not used to experience. We loved their curiosity and their willing to learn about our countries even if they don’t speak English even if don’t even know word in Italian apart from Ciao, pizza, bello![:]

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