[:it]April, May[:]



This month was full of new experience. I was teacher of Russian language!!! It’s incredible experience for me. I was doing lessons of Russian language for Italian youth and I was speaking English! We were doing this lessons in the local youth center. Never in my life I was teacher))) I felt very warm feeling – it’s so nice, when you can teach someone or share your knowledges and experience.  We met local guys, had a lot of fun there)) I was teaching locals Cyrillic alphabet, they were studying how to pronounce sounds of Russian letters, trying to read short words, to write letters.  They studied a little bit of Russian Grammatik, a lot of Russian words, and now they are able to speak a little bit if they will go to Russia for a trip)))

Also we were leading excursion for the project which our organization was helping to organize. Teachers, social workers of the schools and universities came to Napoli, to share their experience. Me and 1 local volunteer Alessandra created tour of Napoli for participants. It was helpful experience for us. We studied a lot about Napoli and famous places here.

At the beginning of the month we were participating in the project for youth organizations of Napoli. We met other youth organizations, their experience, their projects, etc. We saw concert of philharmonic, we shared our experience and spend good time with our organization.


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