At the end of the 2017 year we were participating in event at center for people with disabilities. We were celebrating new year and Christmas together. Everybody was making some performance, for example singing some song, dance, show something they can do. 1 guy sang song “Hallelujah” and it was amazing.. Mine performance was master class to make traditional Russian dolls. But in fact I was just making dolls alone and very quickly))))) Because everybody was watching concert and trying to buy the dolls. We…

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This month we were participating at the theater project in Armenia. It was my first experience to participate in performance. I was playing the role of father of the family. We were laughing for tears during preparation. My wife was a guy from Greece, it was very funny. We knew a lot about types of the performance/theater, about structure of theater and we got practice. There were 7 people from Russia and they broke stereotype that Russian people are closed persons)))) this guy are working…

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November in love


1 week we were preparing  for the project “Web@Free”. This project about freedom of information in different countries.  We were helping  to create decorations for italian cultural night,  planning activities for participants.  I was afraid a little bit, because we have to manage activities for 35 people from different countries and use only english))))) It was my first experience to do something like this, and expectations was very brighi!  I was going to meet russian people, to get a gulp of my world. First day…

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