• December

    At the end of the 2017 year we were participating in event at center for people with disabilities. We were celebrating new year and Christmas together. Everybody was making some performance, for example singing some song, dance, show something they can do. 1 guy sang song “Hallelujah” and it was amazing.. Mine performance was master class to make traditional Russian dolls. But in fact I was just making dolls alone and very quickly))))) Because everybody was watching concert and trying to buy the dolls. We started to sell this dolls and all of money we made we gave as donation for this center for people with disabilities. We realized – this dolls-amulets are very popular here and decided to make more. Next 1 week at our free time we were producing the dolls as a Christmas and new Year gifts. It was mini-factory)) We decided to sell this dolls-amulets at gallery in Napoli to make people a little bit more lucky.

    In the middle of December I started my new hobby – knitting. First time in my life I decided to make socks. I think this experience was successful. And I continued to share Russian culture (I made another one traditional Russian doll “Matrioshka” and gifted it as a Christmas gift).

    Trip to Rome. Last days of the year and the begin of the new year I spent in Rome. Our trip to Rome started from celebrating  New Year in Circo Massimo – the place where in the past was events like riding chiriots and another performances. During the week in Rome we visited different beautiful places. Vatican museum. It’s incredible place. When you look at the interior of this place you feel the same strong feelings as you look at the sea or mountains. You can’t stop admire how beautiful building can people make. We were on cupola of the Vatican museum. I had a chance again to fight with my fear of highness. My fear did not disappear, but anyway I was enjoying to see beautiful view from the top of the cupola. In Rome this time I met a loot of Russians. I felt like half of tourists was Russians. In the center of Vaticanos square located amazing Christmas tree – the best Christmas tree I’ve ever seen in my life. I couldn’t stop to watch on it and smile.

    We visited  beautiful castle SantAngelo. Forum Romano. Akveduk in Rome  (this is my favorite), Pantheon.  Fountain Trevi, and threw 3 coins to the fountain. Coloseo. Before we go to Coloseo we watched the movie “Gladiator”. I don’t very like this place, because of the events, which people were organizing there.. I feel atmosphere of death inside this place. But anyway, architecture is amazing.

    It was the best the end of the year I’ve ever had.  

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  • November

    This month we were participating at the theater project in Armenia. It was my first experience to participate in performance. I was playing the role of father of the family. We were laughing for tears during preparation. My wife was a guy from Greece, it was very funny. We knew a lot about types of the performance/theater, about structure of theater and we got practice. There were 7 people from Russia and they broke stereotype that Russian people are closed persons)))) this guy are working in theater and they are very open minded, funny and crazy guys))) When I arrived to Armenia I felt I arrived to Russia, but not to Russia. Mixed feelings. 80% of the population of Armenia speak Russian, but on the streets 80% speak Armenian, but if I ask something in Russian, they start to speak Russian. I felt myself a little bit at home. But in 4 days of the project I started to miss Italy))))))))) I was enjoying the food, because it’s very close to Russian food. I ate aaaaall they were cooking for us.

    We saw the mountain Ararat – incredible view!!! Although now Ararat belongs to Turkey, every Armenian, no matter where he/she lives now and where he/she was born, wants to see Ararat, to be there. Ararat is the father of the Armenian people. Ararat is genuinely loved by Armenians and is depicted on the arms of the country. This is the mountain to which, according to the Bible, Noah moored his ark and began a new life of mankind and all animals after the great flood. The view of Ararat brings peace to any Armenian, to see Ararat means to feel that you are home.

    I knew a lot about Greece and Armenian cultures! About the food, traditions, dances, people. But at our trip to Italy something bad happened!!! Our airplane couldn’t fly!!! We spent in the air 2 minutes and came back to the ground. We were very scared, and tired and frustrated, because we started to fly again by the same airplane (they fixed it) but anyway we were afraid. We lost our tickets to train (we couldn’t arrive on time to train station because of our flights). But anyway we have a lot of good memories about this country)))
    This month we were participating in another event in Napoli. We were promoting EVS volunteering and activities of our organization on the square in Napoli also with another organizations. We were talking with youth about EVS. And I did good volunteering job – I became a blood donor on the square. So, this month I knew a lot about another countries, made something good and felt a lot of differen t emotions))))

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  • November in love

    1 week we were preparing  for the project “Web@Free”. This project about freedom of information in different countries.  We were helping  to create decorations for italian cultural night,  planning activities for participants.  I was afraid a little bit, because we have to manage activities for 35 people from different countries and use only english))))) It was my first experience to do something like this, and expectations was very brighi!  I was going to meet russian people, to get a gulp of my world. First day we met participants, and managed first activities. This day I very tired emotionally,  but I felt very very very well. I got a chance to be at another side of project – side of organisators. It was very important experience for me, because it made me feel more responsible at our EVS project.

    I was very surprised to know turkish and egyptian people. In my imagination they were not very opened persons,  but when at the first day of project they put on egyptian music andare started to dance at the last time in their lifes, I was really in shock (but in a good way offerte this word)))))))) Nobody was shying,  and the others followed them with dances. It totally changed my opinion about egyptians and turkish people! Before this project we had experience to participate in traning in Nola. In Nola was very good and intersting,  but here was more atmosfera of friendship and freedom (and I would like to tell thank you to the organisators and leaders for the perfect traning!)

    Me and Andrea (my Spanish roommate/soulmate/friend/sister))))))))) prepared presentation about our EVS experience, to show it to participants of this project. I did it for the first time in my life (talk to camera, make a mixed video with music and subtitles). We spent a lot of funny  time to make this videos,  and we became more close to each other,  because work together is connecting. I was very engoing to share my EVS experience with guys, and I think several participants deffinately will do EVS after they saw our example.

    I’ve realised that I feel comfortable with Italian food, I’m not already afraid to cross the roads here))))) I was just teaching several of russians to do it)))))))) It becoming usially for me to live in Italy))))))

    And finally we went to vulcano Vesuvio at free time in the project!!! The vulcano became 1 of the brightest memories in my life!!!!!!! I couldnt stop smiling. I felt mixed feelings on the top of vulcano: fear,  happyness,  freedom.. our driver was very funny Italian men with the funniest car ring in the world😂  After volcano we decided to go to Pompei. We were walking there several hours, awesome place, very tired, but came back very happy)))) during the road to home we were trying to learn egyptian))) again we were laughing for tears 😂😂😂

    I would like to tell thank you to all of participants for positive, good mood and information of course))) The planet earth is not so big and who knows.. maybe we will meet  each other!)))

    After the project we went to trip to Bologna, Florence and Piza.  In Bologna we was in 1 towel – the highest towel in the city. It’s only 1 place without students. There is tradition:  no one student can go on the top of this towel, before finish studying. And in Bologna we visited anatomic theatre – place where for the first time people were making autopsy for a science.  In the past there in front of medical students teacher was making dissected the corpses, now this is an interesting example of the ancient method of teaching.

    After we went to Florence.  It’s city – juwelary box!!! A lot of beautiful palaces,  churches. We were in the gallery of arts Uffizi and saw paintings of Leonardo da Vinci (“baptism of Christ”), Rafael, Botticelli (“birth of Venus” and “spring”), Michelangelo (Madonna Doni) and a lot of sculptures, sculptures-bust, etc. And of course marble statue of David (Michelangelo). In Piza we visited the famous tower, of course we made stupid photos with the tower as everybody (tradition)))))))

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  • TdG e gli scambi europei – Importanza dello sviluppo dell’interculturalità.

    Questo mese è stato molto diverso dal mese precedente, ma non per quello meno interessante.
    La nostra attività di volontariato è stata finalizzata all’apprendimento ed all’organizzazione del progetto di scambio europeo WEB @FREE che abbiamo sviluppato.


    Questo progetto ha avuto il tema audiovisivo e dei media come tema di riferimento e hanno partecipato 5 gruppi provenienti da Italia, Francia, Turchia, Egitto e Russia.
    Durante i 8 giorni i partecipanti hanno svolto attività diverse sia individuali che in gruppo.

    Sono state attività molto diverse , ma tutte hanno avuto un obiettivo comune: promuovere la solidarietà, il rispetto tra le culture e l’apprendimento non formale. Tutto questo, attraverso le manifestazioni grafiche che i partecipanti hanno creato durante il loro soggiorno nelle attività del progetto.

    Uno degli obiettivi di questo tipo di progetto è promuovere l’interculturalità, un aspetto che a mio parere è fondamentale nel mondo globalizzato in cui ci troviamo.
    L’interculturalità da un approccio integrale e dai diritti umani, si riferisce alla costruzione di rapporti tra persone, comunità, paesi e culture, avendo come uno degli obiettivi principali contribuire a una società aperta, che rispetti e apprezzi le differenze culturali.

    La convivenza che si è sviluppata in questo progetto di diversi gruppi culturali all’interno di uno stesso spazio, è ciò che caratterizza la società moderna attuale; e i problemi che ne derivano sono all’ordine del giorno della politica europea e internazionale.

    Pertanto, gli scambi di giovani sono un mezzo pratico per vivere la comunicazione interculturale e sviluppare nuove capacità di adattamento, rispetto e apprendimento delle nuove culture … oltre a molti altri contributi.

    Le attività che sono state svolte in questo progetto forniscono nuove prospettive per quanto riguarda il trattamento di altre culture. Aumentano il desiderio di conoscere di più e il rispetto verso le culture straniere, costruendo ponti tra i diversi paesi di origine dei partecipanti, che consentono il dialogo tra i giovani di entrambe parti.

    I progetti di scambio europei ti danno l’opportunità di imparare e crescere in una dinamica molto divertente e positiva. Inoltre, è una buona opportunità per incontrare persone provenienti da tutto il mondo e vivere una grande esperienza personale.
    Essere in grado di lavorare e godere di questa esperienza è stato molto gratificante in ogni modo.

    Non vedo l’ora di lavorare su un altro progetto di scambio europeo!


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  • Una settimana di formazione a Nola…

    Per una settimana io e la mia collega Oksana siamo andate alla settimana di formazione a Nola (NA) organizzata per i volontari europei che hanno i loro progetti in Italia. Questa opportunità è stata molto importante per noi perché ci ha permesso di conoscere molte persone nuove con le qualle abbiamo fatto una esperenza di lavoro di gruppo.

    Quando abbiamo conosciuto gli altri volontari e quando abbiamo saputo che alcuni abitavano vicino a noi, siamo rimasti felicissimi. Subito dal primo giorno abbiamo scoperto tanto, scoperto persone, modi di imparare, far conoscere me stesse, e di esprimere nuovi sentimenti.  Abbiamo anche aprezzato la cucina e una cultura un po’ diversa dalla nostra.

    Mi sono trovata molto bene… perché ho imparato cosa significa fare una esperenza all’stereo con molte persone che non dimenticherò mai e che hanno dato un significato a questa esperenza.

    Ho avuto l’opportunità di conoscere meglio me stessa, di conoscere altre culture, di capire che tutte le culture sono valide in queste mondo e di aprire il mio cuore a tutti, cosa che per me prima era quasi impossibile.

    Non vorrei dimenticare i due coordinatori del training, Guido e Alessandro, perché sono stati bravissimi tutta la settimana. Grazie a loro abbiamo costruito un gruppo molto affiatato dove la parola di ognuno era importante, e soprattutto dove il rispetto e l’interculturalità erano i protagonisti.

    È stata una esperenza talmente piena e rica che faccio fatiga ad esprimere a parole quello mi ha lasciato. Abbiamo fatto attività energizer, team-building, giochi (sempre imparando qualcosa), e ci hanno spiegato cosa significa essere volontario e cosa dovremmo fare per sviluppare il nostro progetto sve, sia lavorativo che personale.

    Secondo me una settimana non basta per tutte le cose che una gruppo di 32 persone possono condividere o imparare tra di loro. Mi hanno insegnato a non avere paura di confrontarmi con altre linguee e altre culture, e nonstante questo, a non dimenticare le mie origini. L’empatia e la fiduzia condivisa con gli altri mi hanno aiutato a credere di più in me stessa.

    Dopo questa esperienza sono ancora più convinta del progetto che sto sviluppando e continuerò a perseguirlo con dedicione e passione.



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  • Oksana Starting 100

    My name is Oksana.

    I am EVS volunteer at the ptoject Sveliamo L ‘Europa in Italy.

    I think I am the most persistent volunteer in the world))… and here is my story:



    Since I was a child, I was dreamer, I was trying to find everything interesting, weird and new! When I saw some oportunity to do something, I was trying to use it.

    I live in small town and I have realized I am different.. I dont know why.. but I felt it… If somebody feel the same – go to EVS!


    My life is full of luckiness and unluckiness.. for example: at work I won trip to Barcelona 3 years ago, but I went to airport by bus, the road was frozen a bit and on the road appiared traffic, because nobody couldnt drive.. So, I was afraid I can miss my flight.. But, thanks god, I came to airport right on time.

    And all my life long the same))))))))))))))) Luckiness, unluckeness, luckiness, unluckiness, etc..


    I heard a lot about volunteering from different people, I was trying to become volunteer on Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, but I couldnt.. Last year I decided to participate in short-term volunteering project in Rome. I met there different people open-minded more or less.. opignions, jobs.. For example 1 girl was working as a assistent of regiser, 1 guy was working as a juggler!!! So, after this trip I decided to go to long-term EVS project.

    I started to looking for projects, I was sending CV and motivation latter, but without result. After I started to find not projects but reciving organisations. I sent around 500 letters.. not less!

    And I started to get answers. I got answer from 1 organisation in Spain. They told me – they would like to work with me as with EVS-volunteer. They asked me – do I have some friend from another country who wants to work with us also, and I had – girl from Ucraine which I met last year at volunteering camp. They told ok, both of you are accepted. It was so awesome!! They told they are sending this project to be financed and told to wait 2 months. Ok, I told to 5 another organisations I was choosen already to 1 project. And in 2 months I got answer – this project hadnt been accepted!!! We were in shock! I started to sent letters again, but all of organisations told they already choosed volunteers. This spanish organisation told us to wait another chance for this project till july. In july my friend from Ucraine got answer – she was accepted to project, but I wasnt!!! I was sad for tears, because I found this project, they accepted me, and after I told them about another girl. It was so unfair.. But its just life..

    In this moment in the past I had a thought – maybe its a sign to stop.. Maybe its a really sign for me to stop.. Because I spent with looking for MINE project 1 year! In life there are moments happening sometimes – moments to make desigion – stop, or continuing.. I chosed never stop and continuing. And now Im here – participating in wonderful EVS project in Italy near the sea, called Sveliamo LEuropa! Im so happy I decided not to stop.

    And you know, when I was interviued and accepted to new project – I got answer from first organisation – project will exist and you are accepted! But I was already in love with Sveliamo..

    Guys, if you really really want to do something – never stop!!!


    First day in Italy we met our coordinator and drove around the town. We were at beautiful coast. There were huge waves. Its soo beautiful! We had a dinner with our coordinators family. It was very nice dinner (and it doesnt matter I coulnt understand something, because everybody were speaking Italian)))


    On Monday we started to work. First week we were register our accounts ang gmails, we created rules for our house, was sending letters to participants in short-term project.

    On Wednsday we were trying to find something in common or something what reminds me and Andrea (another EVS volunteer from Spain) our countries. I found only 1 tree looks like in Russia, road sings and banner with balet, it reminds me famous russian balet. And we were preparing to lead activities in short-term project.


    I started to find the difference between our countries – Russia and Italy:

    1.Weather – of cource, colossal difference (between south of Italy and the Ural region of Russia). Here I can wear shirts during the day, but in Russia this time of the year we are wearing very warm clothes (you have to wear already hat!!!)

    2.Moving on the road. In Italy I was surprised, because Everybody don’t let each other to go or to drive, but at the same time everybody goes and driving… I don’t know how this system works.. but this system really works!)))) And I saw only 1 brocen car!!!

    3.Food. I like italian food, and I very miss russian food (meat). But pizza is connecting people! Finally we found agreement between food))) Andrea (my EVS collegue)likes traditional Italian pizza with tomatoes and cheese (maybe it’s not true, but I think so) and I like pizza with meat.. So, we asked in pizzeria to make “International” pizza for a half with meat)))))))


    I am here for 2 weeks, and I know here will be a lot of interesting and new for me!!

    I am very happy to be here))

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  • Il primo contatto come voluntaria europea TdG

    La mia esperienza come volontaria europea è iniziata un giorno di agosto in cui due donne italiane molto belle e simpatiche hanno deciso che sono la persona indicata  per iniziare questa avventura.
    In un primo momento, non lo negherò, non ero sicura di niente, nemmeno se fosse vero quello che sembrava un sogno, di tornare alla mia amata Italia …
    Ma sì, mercoledì 6 settembre, dopo aver salutato in Spagna, sono arrivata a Napoli. La città del caos … o piuttosto dicono, perché per me è una città speciale dove la vita è respirata, insomma, perfetta.
    Non avevo dubbi che  la vorrei, ma dopo una settimana, non ho dubbi che non vorrò mai andare via.


    – L’area di Torre del Greco.
    La mia associazione ospitante si trova esattamente in Torre del Greco, a 20 minuti da Napoli, ma con la stessa cultura e spirito che la città del caos.
    Per quanto riguarda la casa non potrei aspettarmi niente di meglio. E cosa dire di Giusy, Anna, Gennaio, Patrizia … Mi hanno accolto come una in più nella famiglia, sono molto attenti e non mi manca mai nulla, cosa che è apprezzato molto sopratutto perché sempre è un po dificile al inizio arrivare in un altro paese e imbarcarsi in qualcosa di simile.
    Torre del Greco è una città graziosa e dove avete tutto il necessario. Naturalmente è marina, ed è situata ai piedi del Vesuvio a metà strada tra Napoli e Pompei.
    Non è la città più bella del mondo, ma per me ha qualcosa di speciale. Sono sicura che ogni giorno troverò più angoli e luoghi che mi faranno stare benissimo qui.









    – Il mio fine settimana a Napoli.
    A partire dal punto in cui Napoli è la città delle migliori pizze del mondo, devo anche dire che è una città piena di vita, in cui puoi imparare tutto e godere delle sue strade antiche … niente di annoiato.
    La verità che dopo essere stata lì ho tutte e nessuna delle parole che ho bisogno per descriverla.
    A poco a poco ho scoperto alcuni dei luoghi più belli di Napoli come San Martino, Castel Sant Elmo, Castel dell’Ovo, Vomero, Galeria Umberto I, Via Toledo, Piazza del Plebiscito, altari a Maradona in strada, chiese che sembrano insignificanti all’esterno, ma all’interno nascondono vere sorprese… in breve, una città che ti sorprende ogni giorno.
    Napoli è diversa, ma Napoli è única.



    – L’attività come volontaria.

    Ancora nell’organizzazione ci stiamo adattando.
    Ci sono molti progetti che ci aspettano durante l’anno, ma sono sicura che saranno pieni di sorprese e cose buone.
    Al momento stiamo preparando un progetto che si svolgerà a ottobre e in cui saranno presenti volontari provenienti da paesi diversi come Francia, Russia, Moldavia e Egitto.
    Da quanto ho visto finora, l’idea di promuovere l’interculturalità, il rispetto e la tolleranza tra i paesi è molto presente tra i valori dell’organizzazione.

    Mi piace molto il modo di lavorare e i valori fondamentali che fanno ogni progetto andare avanti.
    Inoltre, dal momento che abbiamo cominciato a lavorare, le nostre preoccupazioni e il nostro benessere sono state date molta importanza. Ogni mattina svolgiamo attività per liberare energie e creare un ambiente di lavoro attivo e sano, dando importanza allo sport.
    Una delle attività che mi è piaciuta finora è stata quella di andare a prendere alcuni degli angoli che avremmo evidenziato più della nostra nuova città ospitante. E vorrei condividere alcuni di loro in cui potrai vedere alcune delle cose meravigliose di questo sito e dei suoi dintorni …

    Questo mese, essendo il primo, è stato adattativo e con molte modifiche contemporaneamente…
    Nel mio prossimo articolo potrò raccontare molto di più sulle attività che sviluppiamo come volontari e dai siti che visiterò.
    A presto!

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